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For us, design represents an occasion to find a creative solution in any given situation. But above all, we believe in the beauty of handmade items and the deeper meaning behind things that are born from ancestral knowledge and in harmony with local customs. Products made in such way do so much more that just bring pleasure to the customer; they create a link between the user and the artisan, they help keep the traditional approach to crafts alive and in continuous evolution, they create an opportunity for the whole community and their welfare and offer a positive inspiration for a better future for everyone. 


Preserving the Heritage 


Stories of Silver & Silk works exclusively with local hill tribe silver craftsmen from rural areas in Northern Thailand. 

We are dedicated to building a sustainable future for our artisan community by helping to safeguard the ancestral knowledge and know-how and at the same time enhance social equality. 

Instagram: @storiesofsilversilk


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