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ARQUETYPE is founded on the conceptual idea of exclusive wearable art pieces. Inspired by elegant simplicity and precision of nature. Coincides with clean, minimal-sharpness silhouettes.


"Connection between Art, Nature and Human creates Personality" 


Arquetype; fine contemporary jewelry brand, that unfolds the connection between arts, nature and humanity that creates unique identity through
the imagination of the wearer. Designed for both lady and gentlemen, Arquetype jewelry consists of the selected wide range of gemstone, sourced from all over the world with regard to authentic natural ingredients and its fine-graded beauty. Each gemstone possesses its one and only beauty since the pattern, glow and mark were differed by our mother earth. This is one of Arquetype distinctive point that inspired its owner and those witnessing it. Matching with the selected gemstone, Arquetype jewelry body is designed based on simplicity component of nature. With no obscuration to the gems, the design is distinguished so that the owner can wear our artwork for 

a long time since the heart of Arquetype brand is "Apart from its beauty and unique value, every jewelry should create an identity for the wearer" 

Instagram: @arquetype

Line: @arquetype


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